Medicare Part B

Part B is one of the most interesting areas of coverage within Medicare, because it includes a wide range of coverage. Understanding how to fully utilize and maximize your Part B coverage is one of the best ways to save money and lower your medically related bills.

What is Part B?

Medicare is divided up into different parts that allows beneficiaries to choose the coverage they would like to be included within their policy. When picking between the different types of policies, individuals will need to decide what type of coverage they want and how extensive they want that coverage to be.

There are four different parts within Medicare. The first two parts, A and B, make up Original Medicare. Part C is also called Medicare Advantage and Part D provides coverage for prescription drugs. Being able to differentiate between the parts is essential when it comes to selecting the right insurance option for you.

Medicare Part B

Part B Coverage

There are two different types of coverage within Part B. Coverage for medically necessary services and preventative services are the two main areas included within this part of Medicare. 

Part B provides coverage for both inpatient and outpatient mental health treatment. This is incredibly important and can be life changing for beneficiaries. The inpatient mental health cost structure is very similar to the Part A structure, in that the cost increases as the stay lengthens.

Medically Necessary Services

This type of coverage includes both diagnosis and treatment when a doctor agrees that it is necessary. In order to receive coverage for this area, you will need to have a doctor agree that it’s necessary and make sure that the provider of the service accepts Medicare.

Preventative Services

The wide amount of coverage for preventative services shows that Medicare cares about its beneficiaries. Catching something early means that there are often more treatment options available, so this is an area of coverage that should definitely be used. Preventative services save lives, so this area of Medicare coverage is greatly needed.

Medicare Part B

Durable Medical Equipment

Medical equipment can be incredibly expensive, so Part B works to cover some of those costs. This can include canes, blood sugar meters, hospital beds, home infusion services and more. A doctor must prescribe the durable medical equipment so that it can be used at home. It is possible that Medicare could fully purchase the equipment for you or that they could rent it. The supplier that the equipment is purchased from must accept Medicare.

Get Part B Coverage

Part B is an excellent way to gain access to a wide variety of services and make sure that you have the right type of coverage when you need it. If you’re wanting to begin the enrollment process or learn more, set up an appointment with us today.